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Welcome and hello

I'm Ann.
I'm so glad you found me. 
I create and officiate ceremonies, services and rituals that honor life's
milestones and crossroads.
~ Birth, Coming of Age, Union, Transformation, Renewal, Farewell~ 

These events not only mark time;

they create time by defining

beginnings and endings. 

It is my joy to be your partner and guide

as you connect with and honor your heart. 

Whether spiritual, multi-faith or secular,

as an interfaith minister I am uniquely trained to provide an experience that will be perfectly yours...


...sacred in a way that connects with your personal beliefs and 

that will be true to you,

honoring all faiths, multiple faiths,

many faiths

or simply faith in life and love. 


Joining: Wedding, Handfasting, Committment, Elopement & Vow Renewal

Remembering: Celebration of Life, Memorial & Funeral

Welcoming: Birth, Adoption, Baby Naming & Blessing

Blessing and Clearing: New Home & Businesses

Coming of Age: Graduation, Dedication & Significant Age Events

Transforming: Rites of Passage, Divorce & Breakup 

Celebrating: Birthdays & Anniversaries

Gathering: Work with Me, Small Groups & Workshops

Traditions...The most treasured gifts are the wonderful moments we create with the people we love.
They become pricesless memories decorating our lives.
- Dodinsky

Transitions...The future is always all around us, waiting, in moments of transitions, to be born in moments of revelation.No one knows the shape of that future or where it will take us.
– J. Michael Strazynski

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