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As long as I can remember, I felt the presence of an energy beyond me yet also within me that loved and guided me.

From it I learned a respect for balance

in my own life and a caring

and interest in the uniqueness of others. 

I followed callings to nurture body, mind and spirit as I became a yoga and Pilates

instructor, a life coach, a reiki healer,

a spiritual transformation guide, 

and an ordained interfaith/interspiritual

minister,as well as a founding priestess of

the Three Sisters Temple. 


It is my pleasure to meet and serve you. 

There are as many ways we can bring Spirit into our celebrations and remembrances as there are paths to connect with the Divine.


I bring you warm and distinctive ceremonies that support your beliefs, values, and traditions, using words that will be authentic to all that you are.

As an interfaith minister,

I access inspirational wisdom from many traditions, from ancient to modern philosophers, poets, and mystics, celebrating the beautiful diversity and history of our human family. 

Thus, through my various offerings,

I accompany and serve you.

Whether secular or spiritual, together we co-create the ceremony, service or ritual that serves the most heart-felt needs of you and your loved ones.  

I lovingly serve all communities and beliefs. 

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